Obenauf's Leather Oil

Obenauf's Leather Oil

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Natural leather conditioning oils, beeswax, and propolis are blended to create Obenauf's Oil formula for preserving boots, apparel, furniture, saddles, tack, belts, holsters, and more. Excellent for conditioning oil-tanned leathers, especially during the hot, dry summer months to keep leather hydrated. Obenauf's Oil will keep your leather supple, to avoid cracking, and enrich the natural color achieved during the tanning process. True leather conditioning that will restore sun faded, vintage furniture to like new! 8oz. size

How to apply Obenauf's Oil:

The recommended approach is to apply one treatment at room temperature. Wait a few minutes but no longer than 1 hour for proper absorption, and buff to remove any excess oil. You may apply a second application. Do Not Saturate.

Test first in a small, inconspicuous area to be sure you are pleased with the effect. Your leather may darken. Migration of oil through all fiber layers may take 7 days to show actual final color. Penetration will vary as leather density varies considerably in different areas due to thickness, dryness, and texture. Also, absorption depends on what finish has been put on the leather and what products have been applied previously.

Apply Leather Oil every three to six months using the provided dauber applicator. For larger items use a clean cloth. Allow to absorb for a few minutes, then buff off excess with cloth. When treating furniture, apparel, or larger items, work from one corner and gradually cover the entire surface with an equal amount of oil. Not recommended for suede and if color change is a concern.