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Who Is Frank

Who is Frank you might ask yourself? Frank is the President and Owner of Frank’s Boot Company. Frank’s career began in 1995 as General Manager of Nick’s Custom Boots in Spokane, WA. Over the last two decades, he has earned experience in all facets of the footwear business. Frank has done everything from cutting leather, shining the finished product and custom fitting in production side of business. As a general manager his duties consisted of purchasing, retail, wholesale, and management of a growing company, Frank has done it all.

Frank and his careful guidance allowed the company to grow 5-fold from 5 to 25+ employees and from 2,000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

What Does Frank’s Boots Offer?

Frank’s Boots manufactures handmade, custom-fit boots. Frank’s Boots was founded to focus on the core qualities held dear by its founder. We focus on quality not quantity, performing custom fits with the highest precision, and make a quality product we can be proud of in our locally-owned shop.

Frank’s Boots has many brands of quality boots and footwear in stock from Danner, Keen, Carolina and Hoffman’s. Here at Frank’s we excel at building custom boots made for your individual feet.  Our retail store will soon have an inventory of stock size handmade boots ready for purchase.

At our location we repair resole and rebuild other brands “i.e. White’s, Nick’s, Wesco, and other handmade footwear” in Spokane, Washington.

New Product!!

Now Available Made to Order

Wilshire $465

Wilshire is just one of our Arch Support Dress Boots

  • 6″ All Smooth
  • 430 Mini Vibram Sole
  • Rolled Top
  • Celastic Toe
  • Dogger Heel
  • Brass or Antique Eyes

New Website Coming Soon Please Bare With Us!!


Why do I need a custom fit boot?

There are many benefits. Custom boots can help alleviate back and foot pain, help correct gait and alignment issues. A custom boot provides safety and support in the workplace.

“Many of our customers are loggers, firefighters, construction and wildland workers.” “Some of the boots I have sold have lasted 15 years, with a resole or rebuild in between,” he remarked. “I hear all the time that the boots are the most comfortable boots my customers have ever owned. They feel almost like slippers once they are broken in”. “If you have an odd shaped foot, or two different size feet, this is really the direction a person should go, with a handmade, custom-fit leather work boot,” says Frank.

Other Footwear Brands and Accessories

Danner boots Keen utility Carolina shoes
Hoffman's boots Spenco Footware Ballston sock

Store Information

Come visit us at 3805 N. Market, or

Call us at (509) 309-2903.


Mon-Fri 9-5

Sat 10-2

Sun Closed