Resoles, Rebuilds & Repairs

A great advantage of handmade boots is they can be resoled or completely rebuilt. We are experienced with all brands of handmade boots, as well as western boots. 

 To purchase a Rebuild or Resole, see our links below:


Resole: $220 (Plus shipping) 

To purchase a Resole, click here
A resole includes new soles and heels, our technicians check all stitching, shine, polish and patch tongues. If necessary, we will replace tongues for an additional charge. If mid soles need to be replaced, an additional fee will apply.

Rebuild: $320 (Plus shipping) 

To purchase a Rebuild, click here
A rebuild replaces all the materials and leather, except for the upper portion of your boot. The upper is the part that forms around your ankle. We use your original upper and replace shanks (arches), vamps (toe piece), soles, heel counters, worn hooks or eyes, re-stitch any bad seams, and clean and polish your boots. In some cases, due the condition of the heel counter, the leather may not need to be replaced.  Upon completion, it will feel like a brand new pair of boots, but they’ll already be broken in to fit your ankle and leg.

Please note: Tongues are not included in a rebuild. If necessary, we will replace tongues for an additional fee. If it is determined that additional work and charges are necessary, we will contact you prior to completing it.

Calk Boot Repair costs as follows: Calk Resole: $320 and Calk Rebuild: $425

Boots waiting to be rebuilt

At Frank’s, we hope to have a long-standing relationship with you, so we want your boots to last. We know your boots work as hard as you do, and we can help you determine if you need a resole or rebuild.

Mail or bring your boots to: Frank's Boot Co., 3805 N Market Street, Spokane, WA 99207


  • Shipping & handling costs for Frank’s handmade boots are approximated at $35.95 for shipping within the Continental US, Shipping to HI and AK - $60.00, Shipping to CAN/MEX - $90.00 and Shipping for INT'L - $120.00
  • We can ship via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS. 3-day Air, 2-day Air, or Next Day Air are available. Additional fees apply. If any option other than standard ground shipping is chosen, rates are quoted on a case by case basis.
  • Return shipping costs will not be covered under any circumstances.

If you are interested in changing the leather color of the bottoms, or changing it from smooth to roughout, please write us a note explaining what you desire and place it in the box when you ship your boots to us. You may also make the purchase online and call or email us with your order number and name, and we can add the changes you wish for.