Care and Keeping of Your Frank's Boots


How To Protect Your Investment

You’ll want to begin breaking them in sooner than later. The quicker you get your boots broken in, the sooner you will begin to receive the benefits that  a handmade boot can provide. 

Break In: 

  1. You should have a thumb's width between the end of your big toe and the edge of the boot, as the arch settles, your toes will move forward and the boot will curl up a bit. This extra length is necessary. Have your boots laced tightly, walk around for 5 minutes to relax the foot, then have someone else check where your longest toe ends.
  2. On the first day, while using a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and water, lace your boots up snugly , spray the boot liberally with the mixture and massage into the boot. Wear them for 1-3 hours. If heel slip occurs, tighten laces as needed. Do not use any boot grease, leather products or waterproofing during the break in process. 
  3. It’s best to wear the boots daily, increasing the time by an hour or so each day. Continue to spritz your boots with the 50/50 mixture each day--However, you don’t want to oversaturate the boots. 
  4. Wear your boots every possible moment thereafter, this will help the break in process go faster. After your boots are broken in, we suggest they be treated with Obenauf’s Leather care product line, available to purchase here: 

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