Toe Reinforcements: Explained

Using reenforced toe attachments inside your boots to suit the needs of your profession is often necessary. Here are the options for additional toe setups, with photos below.

Composite Toe: It's built for overall safety, has ATSM certification, it has no problem protecting you in the cold, no problems with safety for electricians, lighter than steel toe. It is thicker and bulkier than the other options.

Steel Toe: Has ATSM certification, best option for protection from crushing, it is narrower and less bulky than the Composite toe, not suitable for electrical work in some cases.

Celastic Toe: Does not offer protection, is suitable for maintaining rigidity in the toe shape.

Can they be removed if I don’t like them? In some cases, steel toes can be removed. Composite toes cannot. On a full rebuild, complete removal is doable.