All Customization Options

This is a comprehensive list and gallery, that includes most of our customization options available. If you see something here that isn't available online, or something we’ve posted on social media, please call us in the store and we would be happy to help you add any of the customizable options you would like. (509) 309-2903

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Customization: Explanation Available Online Price
Limited Edition Leather colors See Limited Edition Leather

$100 upgrade for Limited Edition Leather (this includes 3-3 1/2 oz. leather liner).

Two Tone Leather Using a different color leather for the upper & lower $25

Standard/Work Leather Choices

Smooth or Roughout Yes No additional charge
Pull loops Strap on the back of upper Yes  $15
Upper Pull Holes Hardware holes on sides of uppers $15 per hole, $60 for a complete set of 4
Padded Collar Thick band of padding on upper Yes  $40
Rolled Top (collar) Stylistic rolled leather on upper $40
Zippers Zipper attachment by laces within the eyelets Yes $50
Hardware metal type Brass, Silver, Black or Antique Yes No Charge for Brass $25 upcharge for Black, Silver and Antique
Stitching color Black, Brown, Kevlar, Dark Green, White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Gold Yes No charge for black & brown - All other colors $25, Kevlar $50
Boot Guard Product /Application $14 or $30 Applied
Leather Liner

On Work Leather


400g on foot,  200g on uppers 

Yes $50
Sole options Honey Vibram, Vibram 100 Lug Sole, Fire & Ice and Red X Some options are available online

No Charge.

Dr. Soles, Sierra Soles, etc. will have an up charge depending on sole choice

Metatarsal guards $75
Welders Tongue $40
Lineman Shank Lineman stability insert  $40
Lineman Patch Leather patch on inside or outside of vamp $40 single, $80 double
Lineman Flap Leather flap typically on the inside of the vamp for a lace to toe

$40 per pair, $80 for inside & outside of the vamp on both boots

Toe Reinforcements

Steel, Composite or Celastic

See Toe Reinforcements: Explained


$50 Steel/Composite

$40 Celastic

Toe Cap Additional leather on outside of toe Yes $40 for two rows of stitching, $45 for four rows
Medallion Toe Cap Holes Between Stitching $60
Toe Bug Shaped stitching on toe $60
Toe shapes

#1, #2, #3, #4 toe

See Toe Shapes: Explained

Yes No Cost
Replacement or additional false tongues False Tongues Yes


(Dress leather, add $10)

Lift & Adjustment $35
Heel Wedge $40
Full Wedge $50
Mismate Sizes Two different size boots $35
Upper Upgrade or Special Uppers Customized to your leg pattern if not standard upper

Prices may vary

Norwegian Rolled Welt Hand Welt 


Custom Fit

Customized Shoe Last

Prices may vary

Heel Caps

Heel and Bases



Double Mid Sole $40

Added Belt/Upper

Add Cuff/2 straps

Strap Attached

Strap Loose







Maryam Italian Horse Hide 6" boot only $175
All Exotic and Horsehide Leather Prices begin at $175+
ASTM Rated  Comes with any Steel Toe boot Steel Toe $50