Saad's Shoe Repair

  As of October 1st, 2019 Frank purchased one of Spokane's long time local shoe and leather repair stores; Saad’s Shoe Service. Saad's Shoe Service has been serving the Spokane Metro area since 1905. Saad's will custom repair, shine, and modify all women's, men's, and children’s boots and shoes. We also accommodate most requests for all other kinds of leather repair.
We are also an authorized Birkenstock repair shop, with proprietary Birkenstock parts.
Saad's will take care of your items in a fast and timely manner, with satisfaction guarantee. Whether its work boots or accessories, we have become a one stop shop for all of you leather repair needs.
Before and after Birkenstock repair
Shop Hours:
Monday-Friday 9-5
Saturday 10-2

Phone: (509) 487-4610

Located inside Frank's Boot Company; 3805 N. Market St.