What Purpose Does A Higher Top Boot Serve?

If browsing work boots has left you wondering “Why do people like high tops?” Here are some answers that might interest you, and potentially sway your opinion.


The number one reason people opt for a taller upper is to protect your ankles and shins from a variety of potential issues. Anything over an 8” top will give you more protection if you wear your boots in a forest environment. Wildland Firefighters are required to have boots that are 8” or above, as the threat of branches and brambles can cause serious damage to your ankles and shins. Having a layer of leather covering your shins is important for protection from heat in Wildland firefighting as well. Snowy and slushy conditions can be a nuisance with boots lower than 8”. Choosing higher uppers can help with keeping snow and moisture from getting into your shoes and soaking your socks. Falling boxes and metal machinery around your legs are common problems for warehouse workers, and having an extra layer is helpful.

Wildland Firefighting Gear



Ankle support is a very common reason people might choose to go with high tops. Those who are prone to rolling their ankles will inevitably benefit from the construction of our heel counter combined with an upper that extends beyond the ankle bone. Construction workers and farm workers may like slightly higher tops as walking on uneven surfaces all day can cause ankle strain and instability. More height does mean less flexibility during the break-in process, but the support for your ankles in the long run is unprecedented.

Frank's Boots Construction



Some people just really love the style and versatility of lacing creativity, and different color laces. Lacing up tall boots is cool! Adding options like a removable zipper into the laces, or belts around the outside is really eye catching. Tucking pants into high tops is a great way to show off boots you’re proud of. 

Frank's Olive Wickett and Craig



With the addition of wrapped belts, leather patches, knife pockets, and holsters, the options for utilizing the space above your ankle is getting more and more useful.


What if they rub my calves and bother me? 

This is an issue some people do face. The custom measurement process when building your boot can significantly reduce the possibility of this happening. If you do have a proper fit and the problem persists, wearing taller socks is the go to solution.

If I don’t like them, can they be changed?

Yes! Frank’s can lower a taller boot to your desired height. The cost to have them cut down is $35, and additional measurements will be required.

If you are interested, but not sure how high tops would look on you, follow our Fit Sheet How To Guide to measure where each available height will land on your calf and shin. Consider what kind of clothing you’ll be wearing with them, and visualize your options for accommodating a high top with pants. Or, if you’re in the area, come in for a custom fit so you can see how they look in person!