7 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In A Pair of Handmade Boots

Why should I order a pair of handmade boots?

Handmade boots are a big decision. There are plenty of footwear manufacturers out there that leave you in a position of making compromises, but owning a pair of custom boots is an entire process that puts you first. It is an investment in your future in many ways.

Here are seven reasons to make the decision to go with handmade boots.

Customer Service:

Buying with one click on savings based websites sure is convenient, but imagine receiving a product built with you in mind. You place an order, and it’s fulfilled based on your needs and desires. You can order food through a drive through window, or you can talk directly to the head chef about your palate. The choice is yours.

Durable Builds With Ingrained Longevity:

Handmade products of all types have something mass production cannot ensure: attention to detail. Any product you seek out in this world has a version that can be made and sold with cheaper components. Buying boots from a company that’s not a part of that grand scheme has massive benefits. Each boot is checked and re-checked by a professional at every point in the production line, providing you with footwear that doesn’t become foot-worn.

High Quality Materials:

Boots that are manufactured by larger companies tend to lean towards seeking out materials at a lower cost for efficient production standards. Buying from a smaller shop ensures you’ll be purchasing leather from a trustworthy provider with access to higher quality leather.

Stylistic Choices:

The options are never ending when you’re working with a small company in this industry. If you have ideas, they have ways to make them happen. Minute differences in stylistic choices when designing your own boots can turn a pair of shoes into a work of art. With high quality leather and hardware, every choice you make can make your boots endlessly unique.

Savings in the Long Term:

Handmade boots are a commitment. It’s no secret that they are expensive. When it comes down to brass tacks, you’re either buying new boots every year or two, or falling more in love with a pair of boots that has literally become part of how you walk. The ability to rebuild and resole handmade boots is absolutely unparalleled in other wearable items. Imagine being able to re-stitch or change the fit on your favorite sweater for years to come!

Custom Fits for Medical Reasons:

Professionals in the footwear industry know that the way you walk is based on the stability of your feet, and you can use their knowledge and expertise to help your health overall, in the short and long term. Handmade boots are not a cure-all, but they do have the ability to relieve discomfort and re-adjust the things you’ve struggled with in the past to make every day a little easier on your body.

Small business:

Supporting small businesses is a term we’ve all heard a lot in the past few years. The reality is, in the footwear industry, small businesses are becoming fewer and further between. It’s ultimately our loss as consumers when the industry as a whole has come to making production their main goal, when footwear is considerably more important than a mattress. Making the choice to buy boots from a small business ensures your satisfaction and comfort in ways a big business has no interest in serving.

We all know how easy it is to see the vast menu of options there are in the world for quick purchases that may satisfy your needs in the short term. Custom boots are an investment in your future that can provide comfort, durability and style that you can walk the road of life with for years to come.