Type 2 Highlander™
Type 2 Highlander™

Type 2 Highlander™

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The Highlander™ is built for flexibility and has a 3/4″ thick outer sole. A thinner sole has more flexibility for those who may require bending and squatting in their field of work. A great choice for many trades, including mechanics or carpenters that need a heel for proper positioning to help balance your body weight, but need to be on their hands and knees regularly.

The Highlander is different from the Commander, which has a 1" sole. 

  • Fully rebuildable, fully resoleable  
  • Features 7.5 to 8 oz. full grain water resistant leather and a 3/4 inch thick sole for flexibility
  • The high heel and arch support is designed to balance your body weight for maximum comfort
  • 3/4" sole thickness

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Standard Option:

  • Black
  • Smooth Upper / Roughout Lower
  • Pull loop
  • Vibram lug
  • Logger heel
  • Brass hooks/eyes
  • 10” Height
  • #4 Toe Shape

See next image for variation of the Highlander (Brown Domain leather, red stitching with a toe cap, Honey Vibram sole with natural stain)