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What Purpose Does A Higher Top Boot Serve?

If browsing work boots has left you wondering “Why do people like high tops?” Here are some answers that might interest you, and potentially sway your opinion. Protection: The number one reason people opt for a taller upper is to protect your ankles and shins from a variety of potential issues. Anything over an 8” top will give you more protection if you wear your boots in a forest environment. Wildland Firefighters are required to have boots that are 8” or above, as the threat of branches and brambles can cause serious damage to your ankles and shins. Having a layer of leather covering your shins is important for protection from heat in Wildland firefighting as well. Snowy and slushy...

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Why are high heels so common in handmade work boots?

The number one question that we get: Why is the high heel suggested, or even necessary, on a handmade work boot? Most people will say they don't want a high heel initially in a stylistic sense. Here’s a detailed description of why it’s a lot easier on your body in the long run. In these two examples, we have a heel with a 2 inch lift, and then a lowered heel, which is substantially less supportive. On the lifted sole shown here, we have what we refer to as a Unit Vibram sole. This is a 3-piece system which consists of the sole, the heel base, and the heel cap. With a two inch heel lift present, the body weight...

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In A Pair of Handmade Boots

Why should I order a pair of handmade boots? Handmade boots are a big decision. There are plenty of footwear manufacturers out there that leave you in a position of making compromises, but owning a pair of custom boots is an entire process that puts you first. It is an investment in your future in many ways. Here are seven reasons to make the decision to go with handmade boots. Customer Service: Buying with one click on savings based websites sure is convenient, but imagine receiving a product built with you in mind. You place an order, and it’s fulfilled based on your needs and desires. You can order food through a drive through window, or you can talk directly...

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