Special Fit Uppers: Explained

If you need Special Fit Uppers for your boots, specific measurements will be required. Using your fitsheet, follow the instructions for measuring your calf on each leg. If the measurement doesn't match the standard cut for the type of boot you ordered, or the size of your calves differ from one another, a special upper fee will apply. This is because of the process of how we cut the leather for the part of the boot that wraps around your leg. When the sizes differ from the standard, it requires precision cuts so you get the most accurate fit possible.


When this occurs, we will process your fitsheet and contact you by phone to verify the measurements and confirm the price difference for the precision fit you need before your final total is calculated. This may be different than the amount you have already been charged in your online purchase.


The Special Upper charge varies. We will never charge you for this without contacting you to confirm measurements and make the unique leather cuts to build your custom boot.