Obenauf's Cleanit

Obenauf's Cleanit

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Obenauf's Cleanit natural leather cleaner is a non-detergent soap created from linseed oil using a traditional saponification process. This liquid natural oil soap lifts and suspends dirt into solution to be rinsed or wiped away. A very effective Ready-to-Use cleaning fluid with a handy trigger sprayer, you can safely re-apply Cleanit as often as needed. Free of the harmful chemicals often found in other cleaners, Cleanit ingredients are surprisingly simple:
• Water • Saponified Linseed Oil • Fragrance
• No Phosphates • No Detergents • No Sulfates Added!

How to apply:

Obenauf’s® cleaner, CLEANIT, is also a multi-purpose cleaner. Directions for use on smooth leather:

Shake the bottle vigorously. Remove heavy dirt with a soft brush. Spray on the entire surface. If necessary, agitate with a soft bristled brush. Wipe clean with a cloth. Heavily soiled areas may require soaking for one minute. Repeat if necessary. Allow your leather items to dry fully before conditioning with Leather Oil or Heavy Duty LP.