Finding Your Size

When choosing your boot size for the Standard Option (eg. if you know your standard boot size, have been fit before, or have already purchased a pair of handmade boots) or if you are choosing the Build A Boot Option (the standard sizing with the ability to add additional customizations to your boots) your average shoe size may not be correct.

Frank's Boots often run a size lower than most commercial shoe brands. This is due to the built in arch support being centered on your foot. This raises the front part of your foot slightly which means the bones don't flatten out as much when you step. This means you may run 1/2 to one full size smaller in a Frank's handmade boot.

Width is as follows:

  • A: Very narrow
  • B: Narrow
  • C: Slightly more narrow than average
  • D: Average
  • E: Slightly wide
  • EE: Wide
  • F: Extra wide
  • FF: Extra extra wide



If you order a Standard boot online, there is no guarantee of the fit being exactly correct. By selecting Standard, you understand that if your boot is not an exact fit, it is likely not the fault of Frank's manufacturing, just that you may need a more precise fit. In this case, we recommend that you send in a fit sheet to ensure precise measurement and guaranteed comfort. If your Standard boot does not fit correctly and you would like to order the same pair in a different size, they are eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges on a case by case basis.

If you’re purchasing a Standard Option boot, there is no guarantee that the size you choose will be available for immediate shipping. If so, your order will be subject to current lead times

If you choose to Build A Boot and select a Standard Size, these boots are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges as they are of custom design.