Type 1 Commander - 10" Fire & Ice Sole - In Stock

Type 1 Commander - 10" Fire & Ice Sole - In Stock

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The Commander ™ was originally designed for Wildland firefighting. Named after the elite teams who brave extreme conditions managing fires on our behalf. 

Well suited for firefighters, military personnel, law enforcement personnel, and outdoor workers operating in colder climates. The exceptional Vibram compound on this boot features a Vibram Fire & Ice sole that can be used in any outdoor activity where fire resistance and high grip performance have to be maintained in very cold weather conditions. 


The Commander is different from the Highlander, which has a 3/4 inch sole.

  • Fully rebuildable, fully resoleable
  • Features 7.5 to 8 oz. full grain water resistant leather 
  • The high heel and arch support is designed to balance your body weight for maximum comfort 

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This boot features:

  • Walnut
  • Smooth Upper / Roughout Lower
  • Pull Loop
  • Logger heel
  • Vibram lug
  • Brass hooks/eyes
  • 10” Height
  • #4 Toe Shape